Twisted Metal contestEdit

0tmff GeenScout MTI
Roger Smithson was a glorious and honorable british general.During a battle, while fighting against the Nazi Luftwaffe, the truck where he was riding was destroyed by a bomb. By some miracle, he escaped, but the explosion destroy part of his body, and leave no skin on his entire right side. After several years looking for someone who can "fix" his body is to Calypso, who offers to take back his whole body if he agrees to participate in the tournament

Characther´s InfoEdit

Roger was a general, now seeks to recover his wonded body on board a stolen jeep, througth the Twisted Metal tournament.

Vehicle´s InfoEdit

Green Scout is an armoded SUV Iveco

Primarly waponsEdit

two m-14 machineguns

Special: Memories of warEdit

The antenna located on the roof automatically track an enemy. When it triggers the attack button, the satellite launching a string of memories that makes a base damage, has a ripple effect and can burn. If you load for several seconds, the damage is major.