Twisted Metal ContesteantEdit

0tmff HomigButche MTI
An eccentric butcher has been able to dismember all animals, except one. HE does not want dismmember one man, likes to kill a lot, and pack quickly in a metal box. When he heard of Twisted Metal, quickly entered without Knowing to he can ask a wish.

Characther´s InfoEdit

Erick Cold enter in the tournament just to kill people

Vehicle´s InfoEdit

Erick drives a old Ford van, armored by a sharp tooth and heavy shielding and two rocket

Primmary WeaponEdit

Two gattlingun,m-61 vulcan

Special: Fast KillEdit

The truck accelerates to maximum speed with her rocket, chasing all the enemies. The sharp teeth are strung into opponents and leaves them trapped for a few moments. The damage is bigger if it takes multiples enemies