Tanker also known as Twisted Metal or The Pursuer, is a fictional character in the Twisted Metal series. Tanker is an unplayable character and serves as the final boss in the last installment of the Twisted Metal series. A mass tanker truck, which bears similarity to Minion in Twisted Metal: Black, uses a fictional weapon called The Final Weapon, which was known to be the strongest weapon above all characters. The Final Weapon, when used, launches a missile that can be detonated and causes mass explosion, followed by a series of EMPs, which would affect the whole level. All characters near Tanker would be either dead or have low health and characters far from Tanker would receive damage via EMP. Another weapon by Tanker was the flame thrower, which when used, Tanker's cannon would launch highly devastating flames that lasts for 45 seconds, enough to destroy an enemy.


Despite several attempts by Calypso to destroy the world, nothing seems enough. Characters in the series, despite having their own wishes, still is nothing but life that Calypso devastates. Marcus Kane, having split personality, indicates that all the players in the Twisted Metal is lost and unreal, or all the players in the Twisted Metal series died in vain.

Twisted Metal, a junk shop where Calypso earned the name for his contest, although Twisted Metal seemingly refers to The Arena and cars rumbling on it on the first Twisted Metal game. Calypso unleashed the final form of Twisted Metal, a deadly mechanical weapon, the Tanker.