Twisted Metal contest

Duane Anderson was once a Navy Captain of the USS Dagger until he was discharged for attached unarmed civilian boats. He desires to rule all of the waters, oceans, and seas of the world.

Character's info

Ex-Captain Duane Anderson was once a Navy officer, now an drifter who joins the Twisted Metal contest to rule all of the oceans in the world.


Unknown City Bus with a snowplow in front.

Primarily weapons

Two M134 miniguns and two Browning M2HB machine guns.

Specials: Triple guns

The USS Vengenace has the turret on top that resembles a Mark 7 gun on the Iowa-class Battleships. It automatically locks onto its targets and fires at them.

side cannons

The USS Vengeance also houses the side cannons like pirate ship and attackes enemies from both sides.