A mad lady makes crazy thigs. Jennyfer Kayser (Jenny) steal a big smi truck and makes him a big demolition toxic machine.

Characther´s InfoEdit

Jenny ever was a mad girld. Her father, an illegal street racer, leave alone the Jenny´s mother when she was two years old. Now, she is a adult lady, and she velive about Calypso can help to caugth ally illegal street racer, and kill them all with her toxic truck.

Vehicle´s InfoEdit

This big International semi truck was a drug carrier before she steal him. Now, is a green and purple semi truck, equiped with two shotguns. Have a heroic aromur, but is slowly than the other vehicles in the tournament.

Primary weapon:Edit

Two stangers shotguns with a grenade launcher.

1st Special: Poison ExplosionEdit

Venom launch two poison grenades to an enemy (have´n a homing ability). The grenades cause an important damage, and make a toxic wave for a few seconds. When a enemy´s vehicles crash this wave, his car make in burn.

2nd Special: Toxic CloudEdit

Venom make a toxic green beam like Thumper from him radiator. The toxic cloud do not dissapear and stay in there place for a few seconds. All the enemy´s cars makes in burns when crash the toxic cloud (except Venom).